UCC Dance Newsletter 28 February 2021

Virtual Classes 

It’s never too late to join, simply pop us a message with your student number and we will add you to the team. It’s a great way to incorporate both exercise and socialising!

UCC Dance Unveiled 
To celebrate UCC Dance, we will be creating a virtual showcase in order to show off all the work that we have done throughout the year! In order to take part in our virtual showcase, simply attend our virtual classes on Microsoft Teams for the next two weeks to learn a routine which will then be used for our showcase.
You can join as many classes as you would like, choosing from Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Irish & Hip-Hop. Don’t be afraid to get involved and if you have any questions about the virtual showcase, simply pop us a message.
We hope that you are all as excited about the virtual showcase as we are. We can’t wait to share the finished piece with you all! It’s a great way for us to demonstrate the incredible dedication and passion of our loyal club members throughout the past year.